What Makes A Classic Perfume?

A classic perfume stands the test of time. It is eternally relevant. Just like a classic book or painting, a classic perfume was sophisticated at its time of conception. Likewise, a classic perfume’s sophistication does not evaporate with time. The quality of craftsmanship is so high, and so successful in its artistry, that the more time passes, the more impressive it becomes.

As Andrea Elliot so eloquently put it: “Classic perfume is simple and comes with under-stated quality. It provides calmness from the excess and exhaustion of society today.”

Here are our suggestions if you’re looking for a timeless classic perfume:


Ladies’ Classic Perfume: Our Suggestion

  • Classique 5

Classique 5, inspired by Chanel No°5, has top notes of neroli, ylang-ylang and bergamot that float into middle notes of iris, jasmine and rose. Intended as an ‘ode to woman’, the accord combination has captured imaginations since the 1920’s. This classic perfume immortalises the dignified sex appeal of the Jazz Age flapper girls.

  • O.P.M. Girl

Inspired by Opium, O.P.M. Girl is a spicy spoil. Complex and subtle notes dance like a well-executed tango and together they form a classic perfume that can inspire and entertain. The exotic top notes of coriander, pepper and cloves lift the labdanum, tolu balsam and sandalwood base notes. O.P.M. Girl is an olfactory addiction as warm as the smoky cinnamon and balsamic notes that it boasts.


Gents’ Classic Perfume: Our Suggestion

  • Tza

Tza, inspired by Tzar, is a woody aromatic fragrance that firstly embodies the raw power of masculinity. Secondly, the base notes of leather and tonka bean anchor this classic perfume.
With middle notes of carnation and juniper berries, top notes of Artemisia and coriander, Tza is complex, extraordinary and requires a broad set of shoulders to wear it well.

  • Aquamarine

Inspired by Aqua Di Gio, Aquamarine summons images of the sea crashing and breaking against black rock.
An immaculately clean and fresh fragrance that cannot go out of style – clean is always high-fashion. At the top, this classic perfume has sea notes and bergamot guiding the overall accord; aromatic, balsamic and marine.


Classic Perfumes are favourites


Classic perfume is up for debate. What you and I consider a classic may not be the same but generally we can all agree on a few fragrances that, even if you don’t personally like, were so far ahead of their time that they are still charming today.

Chanel No°5 is the world’s top selling perfume 80 years later and is a classic perfume icon.

What is your favourite classic perfume?

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