True Luxury Comes Home to Mall of Africa

If you are looking for a world-class luxury shopping experience, there is no greater collection than at Mall of Africa. With high-end quality garments, jewellery, accessories and cutting-edge, runway-ready styling, their luxury offerings are boundless.

Mall of Africa is home to a stellar line-up of international design houses, with offerings straight off the runways of New York and Milan. Take a journey with us as we explore the true beauty of luxury.

As you enter the Crystal Court of Mall of Africa, the wide-open space gives way to Michael Kors, whose brand offers patrons beautifully tailored men’s and ladies’ wear, as well as uniquely designed accessories and perfumes. The brand operates in some of the world’s most prestigious cities, including our own metropolis.

The Michael Kors brand exudes luxury and embodies the personal ethos of its eponymous founder, who serves as the head designer and passes his keen eye over each item the brand puts out.


Casting your gaze across the Crystal Court, you will find Versace – the iconic brand immediately springs to mind when you think of luxury. Its over-the-top opulence is tangible as you set foot on the plush carpet in the store. Rich colours and bold design makes this brand a trend creator, not just a trendsetter.

Then, of course, there is Hugo Boss, that has positioned itself as the standard for chic, clean design – its Mall of Africa store is the embodiment of this. The clean lines, stark contrasts and strong structural designs are straight from New York Fashion Week.


Emporio Armani fills out the Crystal Court with its stunning men’s and ladies’ wear. Always on trend, the Emporio brand is designed by Georgio Armani himself and features a range of ready-to-wear runway fashion. The brand is also represented by Armani Exchange, which offers trendy fast fashion of the highest quality.

Mall of Africa’s luxury offerings extend beyond the Crystal Court; a short way down the wide-open walkways, you will find the iconic Tommy Hilfiger, offering fresh, all-American fashion for a stylish and laid-back look.

Fraas, the scarf specialist is the perfect place to, quite literally, wrap yourself up in luxury. The brand specialises in beautifully crafted scarves, all in exquisite fabrics and prints. Mall of Africa is the exclusive home of Fraas in South Africa.

For luxurious scents, Jo Malone offers signature perfumes, combining aromas in a way that borders on magic. These scents have the ability to draw you in and create lasting memories.




Take luxury home with you at Zara Home, the only home store for the Zara brand in the country. Here you can find exclusive homewares, decorative items and linen to adorn your living space in the most stylish way.

For beautiful hosiery and lingerie, Wolford is the gold standard. This brand offers women luxury, style and glamour.

Rounding out their luxurious offerings, they have 7 For All Mankind, offering designer denim wear; Aeronautica Militare, for highly fashionable utility style garments; Geri for men’s fashion; Grays which carries all your favourite men’s designer wear; Lacoste – with its iconic crocodile – offering high-end sporting wear; and Paul Smith with its quirky and fun, but always stylish, approach to fashion. Mall of Africa offers all this and so much more.

Gild every aspect of your life in luxury with Mall of Africa. Where Africa meets the World – The True Home to Africa’s luxury!


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