The Art of Motherhood

While we all use the fateful day of 13 May to outlandishly brag about our mothers and present them with gifts which demonstrate how grateful we are for what they have taught us and for getting us to where we are today. The Mother of African Kings and the African Dreamtime series quite aptly demonstrates how Africa – just like the powerful women we call our mothers – raises its people. It shapes us, educates us, grooms us and is engrained in us through its strong, bold and persistent conditions – which results in us, its people, becoming exquisite pieces of art admired and appreciated by many.


These visual arts, through the use of texture specifically, adds an element of two- and three-dimensional work designs and is distinguished by its perceived physical and visual properties. These creations convey so much more than the skill used to forge them, it conveys a story, a journey, a variety of messages and emotions with so much meaning put into the delivery and display.

In the Mother of African Kings series the creative use of African fabric, adornments of natural materials – bone, copper, wood, lava, onyx as well as found objects – rope, bottle tops, whistles – splices into current European fashion sets to ambush the conventional. This mimics our own mothers using what is/was available at their disposal to mould us into the strong, uniquely distinctive figures we are today.

The African Dreamtime series encompasses the timelessness of African soil – the weathering of ancient rock, forming textured, rough surfaces, contrasting against smooth, burnished forms, polished by countless storms. The figure emerging from this process is of unspecified race or culture – it is a composite of all people of the continent of Africa.

If you are interested in following around South Africa’s largest Shopping Mall ever built in a single phase, which in its own right perfectly demonstrates the strength, power and innovation of our people, then visit the exhibition in the Crystal Court.

You can also enjoy the splendour of our over 300 shops and restaurants and view our tenants’ special Mother’s Day Gift Collective display in the Crystal Court, showcasing their newest and most popular merchandise along with a beautifully curated gift section. All items on display were carefully selected by our own personal stylist and are available in our stores.

  • Cellini
  • Boardmans
  • Pylones
  • Tea Merchant
  • L’occitane
  • CAN
  • Carrol Boyes
  • Le Creuset
  • SAI Carpets
  • Micheal Kors
  • Poetry
  • Wolford
  • MAC
  • Coricraft
  • @Home
  • Moyo Art


Whatever the kind of mom you are, there is plenty to experience as a queen at  Mall of Africa this Mothers Day.

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