Mall of Africa presents the Art Collective with Julie Miller Investment Art Institute

Africa finds itself in a cultural resurgence, with contemporary art at its epicenter, the worlds eye has been captured by the vibrant beauty of the continent and all it has to offer. What better way to celebrate this than through a thoughtfully curated collection by Julie Miler herself – comprised of visually stunning pieces from our very own artists.

The Art collective boasts the title of being the largest series of public art works in South Africa, with over 300 pieces on display under one truly African roof – The Mall of Africa.

 It is also the first of its kind in South Africa, bringing Art to life in a publicly accessible retail space, allowing for an entirely new audience to be exposed to African Art.

Beside the breathtaking larger than life sized sculptures, raw material, paintings, drawings and sketches, incredibly crafted from our own earth, will be on display for the duration of The Collective.

 Included in this Collective will be the critically acclaimed sculptor, Jean Doyle, whose work explores the hidden nature of women; their strength, resilience and humour. Jean has been a sculptor for over 30 years and her intuitive knowledge of the mediums she uses, allows her to draw out captivating figures that tell their stories in incredible detail.

Another renowned South African Artist, Azeal Langa, will be showcasing his work in a series of incredible pieces created with paint, pencils and most astoundingly, smoke. The artist has described his use of smoke as “an extension and expression of his soul” and his work speaks of exactly that. His work is both delicate and bold and is an absolute treat for the eyes and mind.



These Artists will be joined by a host of others in this encapsulating Collective that has to be seen in person to be appreciated to its full extent.

 We invite you to take a journey through the African Landscape with us, as The Collective debuts on Friday, 6 April and will run until Sunday, 29 April throughout the Mall, entrance to view is free and each piece will be available for purchase through Julie Miller Investment Art Institute. Mall of Africa – The True Home of Africa’s Luxury

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