Get your phone protected by Mobile Outfitters at Mall of Africa

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If I told you that you could drop your phone 20 feet and it would not break, would you believe me? Well… watch this:
This can only happen if you have your phone protected by Mobile Outfitters at Mall of Africa near Game store. “Protecting your beloved mobile is critical as it is the key component in our daily lives and Mobile Outfitters has a great product range tailored to your individual needs as we only make products we can stand behind,” Mall of Africa’s Mobile Outfitters general manager” Nancy van Houwer said.

With hundreds of locations in 46 countries and growing, Mobile Outfitters is able to bring unparalleled products and services directly to you. “We are not just another mobile accessory kiosk – with our Rapid Cut on-demand technology, our locations create and professionally install our award winning Clear-Coat screen protection, patented 360º full body protection, and unique Style Skins for any mobile device right from our kiosk,” Van Houwer said.
“Combined with our Lifetime Guarantee, professional installation and 100% customisable phone cases you will quickly see why millions have chosen Mobile Outfitters.”

There are a range of durable scratch free Styles Skins to choose from.

If we cannot promise to replace it for the life of your phone, we are not interested in making it. After all what good is a product if it does have a guarantee. We believe in our product and even use it them ourselves,” Houwer concluded.

2007: Clear Coat, now known as Mobile Outfitters, started as 2 guys wanting to make the best screen protector anyone had ever seen. Back in 2007 they began manufacturing in the USA and selling Clear-Coat on their website, and backed it up with a Lifetime Guarantee. However, they realised that there were two problems. First, everyone hates putting screen protectors on – you get bubbles, dust, or it just is not aligned right. Second, when things go wrong, customers have nowhere to turn!

2009: They opened their first mall location to solve both of the above problems.

2013: The business expands considerably into Asia, Middle East and Europe with their first international locations. This forms the beginning of their major rapid growth program with over 120 Mall Locations spanning 20 countries.

2016: Clear Coat is now Mobile Outfitters (MO)! Fast-forward a few years with rapid growth and hundreds of locations globally in over 46 countries.

2017: Mobile Outfitters introduced Fusion Bumper, the world thinnest impact protection bumper with patented cushion corners that absorb impact and offer 360 protection to IPhone 6 and later models. We also introduced our new Fusion 360 the ultimate protection for the new IPhone 8, 8 Plus and X models wherein we are the first company to offer Fusion protection to the front and back of the new IPhone ranges and coupled with the Fusion Bumper we can proudly offer the ultimate 360 degree impact protection to your new IPhone.

2018: Mobile Outfitters has expanded to Africa with our regional head office based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We have a rapid expansion program and strategic plan in place to grow the brand across the region allowing African residents to benefit from this award winning premium brand and Be Part of Our Outfit. Locations opening in Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town in 2018 will see over 12 locations coming to you soon in addition to locations opening in Mauritius, Nigeria and Kenya.

I would advise you make your way to Mall of Africa and get your phone fitted today.


Have a look at the price list below:


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