Day Birger et Mikkelsen at Mall of Africa

Day Birger et Mikkelsen at Mall of Africa

Eternal Truth lies in Timeless Designs…

In life, there are remarkable pleasures which not only please us, but also define us. This has never been more true than when you find yourself slipping into the stylish everyday couture that is the Day Birger et Mikkelsen brand. With luxurious collections of mixed modern classics, embellished details, exquisite craftsmanship and inventive elements, you can stylishly express yourself with Day Birger et Mikkelsen at Mall of Africa, and live your essential truths every day.
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Day Birger et Mikkelsen at Mall of Africa

International Blends, Scandinavian Craftmanship

Inspired by the travel of owner and founder, Keld Mikkelsen, whose vision was to bring beautiful, ethnic influences from his travels and merge them with Scandinavian simplicity, masculine tailoring and vintage inspired styles. Day Birger et Mikkelsen brings you a completely refreshing look at understated elegance. “For us, eternal truth lies in timeless designs,” explains Keld. “It’s this balance of art and craftsmanship. Ancient and contemporary. Ethnic and international. Which we re-work to become our own with a distinctive Scandinavian style.”

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The quality, vision and Day Birger et Mikkelsen brand can easily be felt throughout their products. Each one a craft, a masterpiece, and a story that you define with each wear.
Not only does Day Birger et Mikkelsen at Mall of Africa provide you with a contemporary take on everyday couture, the DAY brand offers a selection of essentials & occasion wear. With a store environment set exclusively within the high-end couture Fashion court at Mall of Africa, not only can you delve into the blending of styles and passions of the brand, but also enjoy delightful bubbles at the Champagne Court opposite. The Day Birger et Mikkelsen store exudes an intimate, sophisticated and welcoming experience.

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Will you be defining your everyday look with Day Birger et Mikkelsen at Mall of Africa?

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