New Year, New Gym Wardrobe

If one of your new years’ resolutions is to start exercising and start living a healthier lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place. All those festive and new year’s parties have kept you from starting on the journey towards the new you and the common excuse of ‘I’ll start in the new year’ is wearing thin. So why haven’t you started yet? What do you need to do to get fit and stay fit? let’s help you find your inner fitness-freak.


The Clothes


Kickstart your journey to healthy living by purchasing the right gear. We bet you didn’t know this, but using the wrong workout gear can actually make the workout tougher than it has to be. This is not to say that the clothes need to be too tight, oh no. Gym clothes are designed to not only look stylish but also to be comfortable without breaking the bank. When your clothes are too tight it can limit the blood circulation and limit your movement – which is no good if you still need to complete a full set of squats. The best fit, however, is to wear clothes that are close enough to the body so that it doesn’t get caught by the machine’s pedals during a spinning class or expose your underwear when you’re doing a rather tricky yoga pose.

Also look out for different types of materials. You don’t want to end up with a shirt that retains heat and makes you look more flustered than usual. We suggest you look at the item


s’ labels before you purchase them and rather opt for a blend of polyester, nylon, Lycra and spandex to help draw the sweat away from the body. Mesh panels along the side of the shirt also work wonders for keeping cool.

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The Sports Bra


A well-fitting sports bra is a vital component of your workout gear, most women think they can wear their normal bra or even two normal bras whilst working out. The fact is normal bras will not give you the support needed and will cause shoulder & neck pain and will permanently damage your delicate breast tissue resulting in sagging breasts.

During high impact sports such as running, your breasts are exposed to extreme strains;

your breast can move up and down by up to 9cm. Wearing an ordinary bra reduces this

bounce by up to 30% and wearing a well-fitting sports bra suited for your sports discipline

will reduce the bounce by up to 80%.


So what should you look for in a Sports Bra?

  • Correct Size: The cup must snuggly encase your breast and fit firmly around the
    back. Most sports bras from large department stores and high-end brands only go
    up to a D cup. Kaz Lingerie offers up to an HH cup thereby ensuring you have the correct fit because they intimately understand the importance of having the best sports bra
  • Moisture management: The fabric should easily wick away any moisture and should
    be light and breathable.
  • Reduce bounce: When trying on your sports bra, jump up and down and watch the
    movement in a mirror. Too much bounce and you need another sports bra.
  • Prevent Chafing: The correct fabrics and fit combined with not using any chamois
    cream should stop chafing altogether.

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The Shoes

Picking the right shoe is just as important as choosing the right outfit. Why? Well if your shoe doesn’t offer support in the right places you might find yourself sitting on the couch, nursing a sprained ankle. So, instead of ‘literally’ running your new year’s resolutions into the ground, educate yourself on your feet’s specific needs and buy shoes accordingly. The idea is not to make the shoe multi-task. If you’re more of a walker than a runner, don’t get running shoes. Walking shoes are stiffer and offer more support to a flexible running shoe with extra padding to handle the greater impact.

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Here’s a helpful hint: Wear polyester socks to the gym instead of the normal cotton option. Cotton is prone to cause blisters because of the movement in the shoe.

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